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Harnessing our strength as women

 Harnessing our strength as women

In Africa, women are expected to play their roles behind the scenes. Roles include making sure the house is clean, preparing meals, looking after the little ones, sorting the laundry, etc.

These roles differ little between daughters and wives except for the marital duties that the wife owes to her husband, and the daughter participates in his education, which some wives do. Let us note that in a typical rural setting a child may not have the opportunity to go to school instead she may go to the farm or to some other task given to her by her parents.

To do all this, women are usually the first to wake up and the last to sleep. He works from dawn till dusk hoping to get a few minutes to put his feet up. She goes around running errands, taking care of the kids, and visiting her husband. She does all this while trying to keep her sanity, sometimes forgetting to take care of herself.

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If she had a husband who believed that a woman's place was in the kitchen and bedroom, she would certainly not lift a finger to help. Instead, he reads the newspaper, watches TV, scrolls on his phone, or chats with a friend or two while sipping on a cold drink.

when a child expresses himself by crying because of another child's harm, or hunger pangs, or the need for something beyond his reach, or for some reason one cannot turn around; Some couples, instead of lending a hand, ignore the crying until the woman hears and rushes to meet the baby's needs or calls her to hurry.


Women's fashion at work

Although a woman is dedicated to caring, but does it have to be done at her expense?

Kudos to the great brothers, husbands, and fathers who always do their part to support the women in their lives and make sure that the responsibility of maintaining the home front does not become a daunting task for these women. you are the best. keep it up. And for those who do, it's never too late to start helping. It should come as a surprise but on the plus side, a right minded woman will appreciate you more for this gesture.

How can a woman improve her life in any situation? How can they use their power to improve us?

First, time management. Honestly, there is always something to do at home but one has to learn how to manage time. Needed to schedule time in between doing everything to rest - kind of on my time.

Prioritize - Know how much time each task will take to complete and set aside time to rest. It certainly won't be easy, especially if the woman has to go to work or run a school in between running the house. If a work schedule is required, please do so. This is for the bes

Secondly, the division of labor: if there are siblings or younger children in the house, they must be given responsibility. Reduces stress. Children must learn to take care of themselves. For example, when they play with the toys, tell them they have to put them back in the toy box, the toy corner, or wherever the toys are kept. To do this, you do not have to get up after them which is a deficient task.

As children get older, they need to learn simple tasks like cleaning up after themselves, making the bed in the morning, and cleaning the toilet. These may seem like small tasks, but imagine that you are really stressed and you still have a lot to do but you have to let go of what you are doing just to care about it. They must learn to set the table and clean it up when the meal is over. They have to learn to clean their house overtime. Sometimes it takes a bit of persistence to get these things done but it's all for the best.


Workout, exercise, and breastfeeding

We can use this power to achieve great things. Now, when time is properly managed, one can approach other things; Not absurd things but positive things like reading those books that have been on the bookshelf since you bought them but never read them, achieving that goal that was set for a long time, writing that proposal for the business idea you want to get into and so on.

All this can be achieved. Gone are the days when women were relegated to context. Now, women are achieving feats previously thought impossible. Can you dare to be that woman? Do you dare to set an example for your children and future generations? Do you dare leave your footprints in the sands of time?

My answer is yes! I can be that woman.

To all women, especially those who are burdened with many responsibilities and are not appreciated enough, I salute you. You are amazing, you are amazing and you are beautiful inside and out. F continued


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What is the power of being a woman?

Tolerance, compassion, creativity, tolerance, dignity, gentleness, kindness and honesty are inherent qualities that come naturally to women for their femininity. These qualities have stood the test of time and won for them the recognition they rightly deserve in the contemporary world.

What does strength mean to a woman?

A strong woman stands up for herself.

"No matter what others think, he is not afraid to share his ideas and thoughts." "He speaks his heart and his mind." "He respects himself enough to stand up for himself, the causes he believes in, and the welfare of others.

Why is it important for a woman to be strong?

Strong women have the power to shape the world and we need more of them. Learn how to become a strong woman and create positive social change. Throughout history, strong women have continued to shape the world. Some did it in remarkable ways that society still honors and remembers them even after their death.


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Harnessing our strength as women

 Harnessing our strength as women In Africa, women are expected to play their roles behind the scenes. Roles include making sure the house ...

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