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Know when should you change your BRA

When should bra change

In spite of having many options in the market, some women keep dealing with the wrong size or torn old bra because they are not aware of the disadvantages of wearing a wrong fitting bra. Nor do they know how to choose the right bra. And from where?

Secondly, some women do not know, or are deliberately unaware that every bra has an expiry date. It is made of material and plastic.  It is known to all that if a cloth is not used for a long time, then it gets spoiled, and its color also fades. When should you change your bra? Depends on things-

A- Strap of bra- When you buy a new bra, its strap does not fall down, but as soon as the bra expires, no matter how much you try to set the step of the bra, it starts falling down again and again.

B- Hook of bra - The hook of a new bra is easy to put on but when the same hook is open after the expiry of the bra, there is a danger of it. When the hooks become loose, if you wear them again by sewing them with a needle thread, then it will be wrong. Understand, it's an ideal opportunity to change the bra.

C- Underwire of bra- When the underwire of bra starts pricking you, then it is time to change bra, otherwise your breast will also suffer.

D- If the bra size changes - obesity, exercise, weight loss etc. are some of the factors due to which the bra size keeps on increasing. If you ignore these factors and keep rubbing your same old bra, then you will be upset Also, your personality will be affected badly. A small size bra will bulge your breast upwards, which will make the fitting of your blouse or outfit look bad. If the bra size is big then your breast bulge will lose its correct shape .

E- If the bra has become discolored - if your colored bra (black, red etc.) has lost its color, or if the white bra has lost its luster and turned yellow, then you should change your bra.

There may not be any one of these five factors that makes you feel the need to change your bra, yet it may happen that you are bored wearing your old bra. Then don't delay. Change your bra. Because more than your outfit, your personality depends on the innerwear too

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